Shameela Helton, CEO, Monterey Marketing


Shameela started in direct sales in 1994 in Canada selling natural gas and electric while working for Direct Energy. In 1999 she went to Detroit, as part of the deregulation of energy, and worked across 7 different states, while still building and leading teams with Direct Energy. She had the diligence to maintain top rank as an individual sales producer and with the #1 team wherever she went. She then ended up in Texas in 2003, while still with Direct Energy, but once the company was sold she started contracting from Telecommunication vendors that were in Texas.

While working for the vendors, she was also establishing a relationships with the clients, who ultimately offered her direct contracts.

Sheri Collins


Sheri joined the team at Monterey Marketing in May of 2013 as a National Recruiter for all our offices nationwide. In March of 2016 she was promoted to Director of Administration where she provides executive level support to Shameela, Monterey’s CEO/President. Sheri serves as a point of contact between Monterey and our vendors in order to manage all internal and external office correspondence.

She also creates and implements all payroll operations, reports and data. Her organizational leadership, ability to streamline operations and execute the demands of the company’s daily business coincide with her dedication and drive for the growth and continued success of Monterey.

SUSAN SIMMONS, Monterey Marketing

Susan Simmons - Administrative Coordinator

Susan is a graduate of Texas Tech University and  came to Monterey Marketing in 2013 as a National Recruiter. She moved into her role as Administrative Coordinator in 2016. Her responsibilities include onboarding agents for the company, managing device inventory, lead management, and various other administrative tasks. Susan serves as a point of contact between employees, internal departments, and external parties.

Her efficiency, attention to detail, and ability to coordinate and multitask make her an integral asset to  Monterey Marketing.

Sam Kamara

Sam Kamara - Director of Operations

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