Whether you’re about to enter the workforce for the first time, or you’ve been a sales professional for a few short years, Monterey Marketing is a great place to lay an excellent foundation for the rest of your sales career. In sales, bad habits get formed early in ones’ career – which then become harder to break later on. At Monterey we invest heavily in recruiting good people with great talent, but we also invest in continual training and support for our sales teams. Access to Monterey’s leadership is easy, and we play an active role in motivating and guiding our sales staff.
With offices in multiple cities across the United States, you will have the opportunities grow with the company, and/or move to another city without fear of losing your job! Your hard work and sales results directly impact your financial success, and we never limit your opportunities to maximize your income. Start your sales career with Monterey and begin a career journey that will benefit you for years to come – no matter where the journey leads you.


Have you been a direct-sales professional for quite some time now, and you’re ready to change the path you’ve been on? Are you tired of being forced to “do whatever it takes” to make a sale? Are you ready to leverage your talents to truly add value to others without getting short-changed by your employer? If any of these sound like you, Monterey Marketing may be your answer.
Because of our honest and ethical sale practices that produce record-breaking results for our clients, Monterey Marketing benefits from some of the lowest staff turnover in the industry. We pay some of the highest commission to sales reps in the industry – nationwide – and sales staff gets paid as early as one (1) week after the sale. For proven successful sale professionals our on boarding process is fast and thorough, so you can begin generating results sooner rather than later!
Finally, our leadership has years of on-the-ground experience selling door-to-door. This enables us to intimately understand the challenges, opportunities, & nuances of D-2-D selling. If you’re ready for a fresh start, apply to join our team today!

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