Monterey Marketing is a direct sales organization providing professional door-to-door selling & event promotion services. Based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, we partner with world-class and innovative companies that deliver business-solutions and home-services, to expand the awareness & grow sales of their products/services in specific markets and nationwide. Our clients’ brands are protected, while our professionals are continually trained to meet and exceed sales goals with honesty & diligence.



Monterey Marketing was founded by Shameela Helton upon the belief that commission sales should not mean sacrificing quality or dignity. In 1994, a woman in her mid-twenties was assisting in payroll at an energy company and every week she saw the same people, in addition to new people, receive check amounts in the thousands. She chose to become an independent contractor with that company learning from the ground up, soon making thousands a week herself. There was no turning back.


In December 2003, Shameela chose to branch out on her own and officially opened office doors in March 2004 despite such a meager amount of funds. Determined to create a reputable company with quality and integrity within the sales industry, giving sales people the trust they need to start a career with a company that supports their every step. Respected businesses focus on minimizing customer complaints and enforcing great customer service and satisfaction. She vowed that Monterey Marketing would be among the best, and also even improve the reputation of D2D sales.


Monterey Marketing has been a part of the door-to-door selling program from the beginning.  Nine years after opening a Monterey Marketing office, we have become one of the nation’s highest regarded companies, proving that quality and integrity truly do go hand-in-hand with unlimited potential and unlimited earnings.


With a leadership team that has over a decade of award-winning, on-the-ground direct selling expertise, Monterey Marketing intimately understands the opportunities, challenges, and nuances of the direct sales world. Because of our deliberately narrow product focus, each brand we serve receives a direct selling partner truly dedicated to their success. We understand what it takes to consistently deliver, and you’re your organization build both revenue and brand equity in any market we serve.
We sell market-specific solutions that are innovative, timely in the marketplace, and present both immediate value and long-lasting benefits to the end-customer. Our solutions-mix for residential and business users include:

  • Fiber Internet
  • Home Electricity
  • Merchant Services
  • Business Electricity
  • Security Systems
  • Cable  TV


Are you an ambitious, go-getter who enjoys sharing your expertise and helping others? Or, are you a seasoned sales professional looking for a company that will help you keep your character and integrity intact, with a culture of honesty and fairness? If so, Monterey Marketing may be a great team for you to grow with. We provide constant opportunities for sales professionals to succeed. The brands we work with are household names, which make it even easier for you to focus on developing and profiting from your skills.
Monterey’s recruiting, onboarding, and detailed training processes, prepares each team member for long-term success. High sales commissions to reps, combined with ongoing leadership-support and a family environment enables us to have some of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry.

Are you ready to transform your career?


Monterey Marketing helps consumers lower household expenses by effectively identifying areas where money can be saved, while still receiving quality home-services. We reduce, and in many cases, eliminate the time & energy consumers spend researching options. Customers receive an honest direct point of contract during the selling / service evaluation process. Our ongoing concierge level support after the sale gives customers an unmatched positive experience.


Monterey Marketing helps business-owners manage overhead expenses by providing business services that not only potentially lower costs, but provide irreplaceable value. Businesses are engaged professionally and honestly without any unnecessary pressure from our sales teams.Our experienced and fully trained business-to-business (B2B) sales teams understand the pain-points of business-owners. We remain focused and disciplined in communicating your message, while tailoring our approach to overcome the noise from competing services.

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