Welcome to Monterey Marketing, Corp.

Too many people give up and settle for just a fraction of what they can be, failing to realize their potential.

We are Monterey Marketing, a company created to allow hard working people earn what they're worth by providing the opportunity to forget the idea of minimum wage.

An assured and assertive personality prevails in life, allowing your desires, known or unknown, to be fulfilled even sooner with a career that holds limitless opportunities.

Monterey Marketing is purely about enhancing and refining your individual abilities & potential. High school and college degrees, lack of work experience, none of it holds merit at Monterey Marketing.

Your unlimited earning potential is only capped by your own uncertainty of whether you are qualified for such an amazing opportunity to make a six figure income yearly.


Monterey Marketing was founded by Shameela Helton upon the belief that commission sales should not mean sacrificing quality or dignity. In 1994, a woman in her mid-twenties was assisting in payroll at an energy company and every week she saw the same people, in addition to new people, receive check amounts in the thousands. She chose to become an independent contractor with that company learning from the ground up, soon making thousands a week herself. There was no turning back.